Online Meeting

Oct.22-23, 2020

Keynote Speakers
Yike Guo

Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, Academician of the Academy of Europe, Director of the Institute of Data Science of Imperial College London, Dean of the School of Computer Engineering and Science of Shanghai University.

Research field:Distributed data mining, data science in grid computing, cloud computing, sensor networks, and life sciences.

From 1980 to 1987, he studied at the Computer Science Department of Tsinghua University, and was the first batch of students who took successive master-doctor program of Tsinghua University. In 1987, he was sent to study in the UK. In 1994, he graduated from the Computer Science Department of Imperial College London with a Ph.D. In 2002, he became the youngest professor of computer science at the Computer Science Department of Imperial College London. In 2014, he founded the Institute of Data Science of Imperial College London and was appointed director. Since April 2015, he has served as dean of the School of Computer Engineering and Science of Shanghai University.

Jianwei Zhang

Academician of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences, Professor of the University of Hamburg, Germany, Director of the Multimodal Technology Institute, Expert of “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”.

Research field:Intellisense, machine learning, self-planning, multi-sensor information fusion, intelligent robots, multimodal human-computer interaction.

In 1986, he graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University with a bachelor's degree. He obtained a master's degree (Artificial Intelligence) from Tsinghua University in 1989 and a Ph.D. (Robot) degree from the Department of Computer Science of Karlsruhe University in Germany in 1994. He has published more than 300 monographs, won many best paper awards in international conferences, and has more than forty invention patents. He is the chairman of several conferences of international intelligent robots and intelligent control, the consultant of several international business companies, the president of the German Tsinghua Alumni Association, and the president of the German-Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.

Jingsha He

Professor of Beijing University of Technology & Leading Professor for "Chutian Scholar Program" of Hubei Province.

Research field:Computer networks, information safety, 3D printing, big data and cloud computing security, digital forensics.

Graduated from University of Maryland, he has worked in IBM Corp., MCI Communications Corp., GRIC Communications, Inc., etc. in America, and got 15 American patents for invention. In 2003, he was introduced to Beijing University of Technology. At present, he has published 261 papers in international journals and conference proceedings, and got 58 Chinese patents for invention, presided over more than 30 projects as well, such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 project, etc.

Liang Song

Academician of Canadian National Academy of Engineering, Specially appointed national expert of the Central Organization Department, Professor of Fudan University, Chief scientist of Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute, Professor of University of Toronto, Member of the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association.

Research field:Artificial intelligence networks and systems, next-generation mobile communication technologies, future cities, intelligent manufacturing and robots.

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, Canada in 2005, and is an internationally renowned scientist in the field of communication networks and artificial intelligence. In 2008, he led the team to originally propose that the L2 wireless multi-hop network technology is becoming the mainstream key technology of 3GPP 5G NR-IAB and NR-Sidelink, and has been unanimously recognized by major international operators and manufacturers. By interconnecting smart terminal data sensing, wireless communication, and intelligent processing, full coverage of the intelligent network and large-scale infrastructure deployment are possible. Some of the results are benefiting global smartphone users and leading the development of global intelligent networks and infrastructure. Since 2017, he has led the team to lead the typical application research of 5G and future 6G Smart Connect, pioneeringly proposed the infrastructure and key technologies, connection methods and typical applications of future smart and healthy cities, and have got support from major international companies. In recent years, he has published more than 60 papers in related fields and applied for more than 100 patents, with a total of more than 2,500 citations. In 2019, he was elected to the Academician of Canadian National Academy of Engineering.

Daizhong Su

Professor of Design Engineering, Head of Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Nottingham Trent University.

Research field:Integrated design and manufacture, sustainable production, circular economy, mechanical transmission.

His major international commitments include the coordinator of CIRCf4Life project supported by the European Commission H2020 programme, consisting of 17 international teams with project budget 7.3 million Euros; chairman of Gearing and Transmission Technical Committee of International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM); Editor in Chief, the International Journal of Design Engineering; and founder and chairman of International Conferences on Advanced Design and Manufacture. He has conducted various national and international collaborative research projects, including EU FP7 EcoCost, EU FP7 cycLED, EU FP7 AgitatorCBM, as well as other projects supported by EU Eco-innovation, EU-Asia Link, EU-Asia IT&C, UK Construction iNET, UK Research Councils, UK EMDA, China MoST and Natural Science Foundation.

Junhua Xu

Researcher of Joint laboratory of French Atomic Energy Commission, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Research field:Recycling and utilization of waste intelligent manufacturing products.

Junhua Xu got Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships in 2013, and got the doctorate from University of Helsinki, Finland. And then he started post-doctoral research in University of Helsinki. Till 2019, he held the position of researcher in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has published more than 1o papers in international journals, and obtained 3 patents forinvention. He was the president of FCPAE Europa Forum in 2018. In addition, he was a reviewer for many journals, such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Material, and Nuclear Science and Techniques, etc.

Jun Li
Researcher of Haixi Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Research field:Self-adaptation control, cognitive system modeling, man-machine interaction, neural network, robot control technology.

He obtained a masterdegree in information and computer science of University of Wuerzburg in 2009, and obtained a doctorate in University of Munich in 2012. In the same year, he began his post-doctoral research at the University of Marburg in Germany. During his stay in Germany, he undertook and participated in a number of research and development projects, including German (DFG) and European Union Projects. After returning to China, he was selected into the fifth batch of "Hundred Talents Plan" of Fujian province. And as an overseas high-level talent was introduced by Haixi Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has published 2 monographs and 16 papers in international journals, and obtained 36 patents forinvention and 3 software copyrights.

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